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Business Due Diligence

Business due diligence is undertaken to evaluate a business opportunity. The AustAsia Group Pty Ltd (ACN 069 869 920) team is experienced in leading and operating due diligence programs helping clients ascertain the value of the business they may be buying or selling. The AustAsia team also uses this process to uncover any potential liabilities and threats to the operations.

Conducting a business due diligence is focused on analysing the past, present, and the possible future financial positions. AustAsia Legal Pty Ltd (ACN 123 160 476) team can provide and lead legal due diligence processes, which will outline legal and contractual obligations the business you are buying or selling, may need to know.

Some of the key items reviewed during business due diligence include;

  • Financial statements;
  • Taxation obligations;
  • Legal obligations and supplier contracts;
  • Assets and inventory;
  • Lease and rental contracts; &
  • Employee policy and Human Resources contracts.