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Tax Management is an important part of financial planning and assisting you to achieve your finance and investment objectives. It is important that you implement tax efficient strategies with your financial and investment activities, to assist in maximising your net returns.

AustAsia Financial Planning works with AustAsia Accounting Services (a registered tax agent) to assist in providing advice that is tax efficient and manages the overall amount of tax that you are likely to be required to pay. Whilst specific tax management strategies are highly complex and individualised, some general strategies may include:

  • Investing in your spouses name (if they have a lower income)
  • Using a Family Trust
  • Investing through Superannuation eg. spouse contributions, salary sacrificing, etc
  • Making a Tax Effective Investment
  • Margin lending and other strategies to use debt in your investing activities

The above strategies are for illustration purposes only. You should consult one of our advisers for specific and individualised tax management strategies.